Best high tech security devices for small businesses in 2019


The prevalence of high tech technology has made small business holders keenly aware of the security threats they face. Though, it’s just as vital for them to be aware of the physical security threats that threaten their small businesses.

Protecting your place of small business, whether it’s in your house or a retaining space, has become much easier thanks to high tech security devices.

Here’re some of King Safe and Lock’s thoughts on high tech security devices that’ll protect your brick and mortar establishment also some solutions for your digital presence.


Drop Cam is considered one of the easiest and high-tech devices. Business looking to get their security systems up to running rapidly will appearance it’s do it yourself (DIY) plug and play approach. In addition to its case of setup, this device includes remote access through Wi-Fi, auto storage of surveillance and wonderful HD and Non HD quality options. The pricing point is one more plus point for this device. The HD version of the device cots 149 USD and subscription services security footage are charged per cam, costing you among 120 USD and 360 USD each year. It’d noted that Drop Cam is not weatherproof and should be utilized as strictly indoor solutions.


Axis security devices specialize in smart networking for small businesses. Their Axis companion device prioritizes cell phone delivery by integrating network-attached storage recording to IP cams. The complete system can be configured in moments for businesses that need 2 or more cams. The micro SD card features deliver a convenient way to record and store more surveillance footage. Pricing depends on the configuration of device and smaller systems would not need to companion switches required for multi-piece devices.


CUJO gives a protective feature across multiple platforms devices. Small businesses are capable to deploy CUJO as a gatekeeper to entire of the standard IT devices as well IOT related ecosystems. Cyber threats, as well as malware that prey on equipment, are stopped by CUJO’s laws based protection and behavior learning detection devices. Classified as a smart firewall, device keeps laptops, mobiles, and all other gadgets secure from web threats and hacks. CUJO device comes at a cost of 99 USD with the lifetime security service costing a further 150 USD.


For small companies with existing Wi-Fi cams YOOSEE gives a face accompanying application that turns any cam into a smart surveillance system. The YOO SEE application delivers HD quality video directly to your mobile by seamlessly connecting your hardware and is very easy as setting a Wi-Fi. Multiple recording variants provide smooth solutions, planned alarms, and customized detection modes. Data for any sort of detections are sent to you in real-time through push notifications.

Samsung Smart Things Hub

Where the CUJO device is considered a smart firewall, Samsung’s Hub is the high tech router.

Part of the Smart things line, the Hub, presently at version at 2.0 connects all high tech devices and IoT equipment into one process that can mention remotely. With the capability to deliver streaming video, the constant monitoring of your device will be at your fingertips through your Smartphone.