What Advancements Are Happening Within The Access Control Industry?

The very concept of access control systems seem straight out a James Bond movie where the spy breaks into the system with a stolen card but the employee does not have access to the top secret priority files. Access control systems are the future of security that guarantees to minimise the chance of data theft and bungling of data from within the company. Through these systems various levels of access are created and everyone has access to data that is required for them to do their jobs, the rest is classified. Most business are choosing this system of security which is why the access control system industry is practically booming. Advancements keep happening and here are some that have come up this year.

  1. Compatibility

Now the problem that plagued the industry was that some clients were unwilling to revamp their whole security systems to get modern access control systems in their businesses. This might seem foolhardy but imagine the money that must have gone into installing the previous security system, it cannot simply be trashed away. The recent advancement that has happened is that the developers of access control systems are trying to integrate their technology with older security systems like CCTV surveillance, door key card readers, etc. This will attract more clients who would be willing to enhance their security with modern technology.


  1. Security and beyond

Access control systems installed by companies like Mega Systems Security in Houston were created with the purpose of providing greater security externally and internally to businesses. But recently developers have felt that this technology could be used for purposes beyond security. These systems could act as a huge database of information that could help business monitor their workflow and come up with analysis. Say, if a company wishes to find out how long an employee typically spends in the break room they could use the data from the access control system database. It would help them understand if the work environment is suitable to the employees and conducive for workflow. This kind of technology could even come handy in schools to monitor student activities, like if they are bunking classes.


  1. Remote accessibility

The technology as it is now can only be physically accessed, that is a person needs to be at the office or attached to a computer on that network for them to get access to the database of the access control security system. But there may be times when the owner needs to remotely make some changes to the system or access something. Software is being developed to make it available on the phone as an application perhaps. So the owner of the business or the employees can access information they have permission to while on the go.


Many ideas are in the pipeline that needs to be brought to fruition in the access control industry. Every year developers come up with new and advanced technology to better help the businesses. Access system control is set to take over the future market of security.